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7-Feb-2008A magnetic induction tomography system for samples with conductivities below 10 S m−1Watson, S.; Williams, R. J.; Gough, W.; Griffiths, H.
18-Jul-2011Mains power quality improvement using active filtersWatson , Robert V.
11-Dec-2013Making Waves on International Women’s Day: Cameroonian Women’s DynamismAyisi, Florence
1-May-2012Malware and steganography in hard disk firmwareSutherland, Iain; Blyth, Andrew J.
27-Jun-2013Managing health services support to military operationsMartin Charles Marshall, Bricknell
26-Apr-2016The ManVan: a mobile cancer support service for men with prostate, testicular and penile cancer in WalesIredale, Rachel
5-Nov-2013Mapping the vulnerability of older persons to disasters.Evans, Jeff.
Aug-2007The marriage of Rousseau and blended learning: an investigation of three higher educational institutions' praxisChew, Esyin; Jones, Norah; Turner, David
11-Dec-2013Mass Observation: This is Your PhotoRoberts, Russell
25-Jul-2016Match play performance characteristics that predict post-match creatine kinase responses in professional rugby union playersJones, Mark; West, Dan; Harrington, Bradley; Cook, Christian; Bracken, Richard; Shearer, David; Kilduff, Liam
1-May-2012Measurements and modelling of cellular interference in local point-to-multipoint distribution systemsAl-Daher, Zaid Muhi-Eldeen
2015Measuring Outsourcing Efficacy: An Examination of Performance in the Aerospace Sector1Davies, Laura; White, Gareth R.T.; Plant, Eoin; Lee, Chris
25-Jul-2016Measuring recovery in elite rugby players: The Brief Assessment of Mood, endocrine changes and powerShearer, David
15-May-2012Media exposure, policy agenda setting and risk communication in Sub-Saharan Africa: a case study of Nigeria's Niger Delta regionEdafienene, Aghogho Kingsley
1-May-2013Metabolic implications of resistive force selection for oxidative stress and markers of muscle damage during 30 s of high-intensity exerciseBailey, Damian M.; Davies, Bruce
5-Nov-2013Methodological issues of determining the capital needsHorvath, Gabor
23-Oct-2013Miller’s answer: making, saying and the impulse to writeMeredith, Christopher. L
1-May-2012Mining of miRNAs and potential targets from gene oriented clusters of transcripts sequences of the anti-malarial plant, Artemisia annuaTatarinova, Tatiana V.
21-Dec-2012Modeling mixed culture fermentations; the role of different electron carriersRodriguez-Rodriguez, Jorge
16-May-2012Modelling and characterisation of the pyrolysis of secondary refuse fuel briquettes and biomass materialsLiu, Yi
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