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22-Jul-2016Observation as a Method to Enhance Collective Efficacy: An Integrative ReviewBruton, Adam; Shearer, David; Mellalieu, Stephen
25-Jul-2016Observation interventions as a means to manipulate collective efficacy in groupsBruton, Adam; Mellalieu, Stephen; Shearer, David
21-Dec-2012The occurrence of pharmaceuticals, personal care products, endocrine disruptors and illicit drugs in surface water in South Wales, UKDinsdale, Richard M.; Guwy, Alan J.
6-Nov-2013Octave Mirbeau: Two PlaysHand, Richard J.
6-Nov-2013Off Road To EverywhereGross, Philip. J
30-Aug-2016Offender management in and after prison: The end of ‘end to end’?Maguire, Mike; Raynor, Peter
3-May-2012On the (un-)decidability of model-checking resource-bounded agentsMuller, Berndt
2002On the edge-peripheral communities and marginal anthropologyWaterhouse, Martin
2007The online reading list project using Talis List at the University of GlamorganMorgan, Rachael
15-May-2012Optimized utilization of quarg production residualsMohr, Jan-Christian
3-Jan-2013Organisations as knowledge laboratoriesMartins, Ana M.; Martins, M. Isabel D.
11-Dec-2013“Out of Phantom Africa: Michel Leiris, Man Ray and the Dogon”Walker, Ian
6-Nov-2013Outcast Europe: Refugees and Relief Workers in an Era of Total War, 1936-48Gemie, Sharif; Reid, Fiona; Humbert, Laure
Jan-2009Over the worst or at the eye of the storm?Jones, Norah; Chew, Esyin; Jones, Catherine; Lau, Alice
2008Over the worst or at the eye of the storm?Jones, Norah
16-Dec-2013Painting HumanityMorris, Chris
2015Participatory research, people with intellectual disabilities and ethical approval: making reasonable adjustments to enable participationNorthway, Ruth; Howarth, Joyce; Evans, Lynne
4-Jan-2013Perceived ability and social support as mediators of achievement motivation and performance anxietyRoberts, Glyn C.
2006Perceptions of personal safety on university campusesWaters, Joanna
2016Perfect commuting graphsBritnell, John; Gill, Nick
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