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16-Dec-2013Painting HumanityMorris, Chris
2015Participatory research, people with intellectual disabilities and ethical approval: making reasonable adjustments to enable participationNorthway, Ruth; Howarth, Joyce; Evans, Lynne
4-Jan-2013Perceived ability and social support as mediators of achievement motivation and performance anxietyRoberts, Glyn C.
2006Perceptions of personal safety on university campusesWaters, Joanna
2016Perfect commuting graphsBritnell, John; Gill, Nick
26-Jul-2016Performance Accomplishment Information Types as Predictors of Self-Efficacy in Competitive Golf Performance for both Skilled and Non-skilled Amateur GolfersBruton, Adam; Shearer, David; Mellalieu, Stephen; Hall, Ross; Roderique-Davies, Gareth
1-May-2012Performance evaluation and resource management of hierarchical MACRO-/MICRO cellular networks using MOSEL-2Al-Begain, Khalid
23-Apr-2012Petri Net Controlled Finite AutomataMuller, Berndt
2009A phenomenological analysis of women's choices, expectations and experiences when intending to give birth in a birth centreEdwards, Elizabeth
11-Dec-2013Photography’s Transformation in the Digital Age: Artistic and Everyday FormsDurden, Mark
6-Nov-2013Poetry, Geography, Gender: Women rewriting contemporary WalesEntwistle, Alice S.
16-Dec-2013Poiseuille flow of a smectic a liquid crystalWalker, Alan
1-Mar-2016The potential health risks of incense use in the home: an underestimated source of indoor air pollution in the UK?Roberts, Debbie; Pontin, David
2009Power, management and complexity in the NHS : a Foucauldian perspectiveMatthews, Jean Isabel
7-Jan-2013The practice of the text: arts of conversation, arts of writingSaunders, Angharad. S
12-May-2014Pragmatism, critical theory and democratic inclusionCalder, Gideon
16-May-2012Preference modelling approaches based on cumulative functions using simulation with applicationsFatah, Khwazbeen Saida
26-Jul-2016A preliminary survey of interpersonal conflict at major games and championshipsMellalieu, Stephen; Shearer, David; Shearer, Catherine
Mar-2016Preparing for Home: A before and after study to investigate the effects of a neonatal discharge package aimed at increasing parental knowledge, understanding and confidence in caring for their preterm infant before and after discharge from hospital.Ingram, Jennifer; Blair, Peter S.; Powell, Jane E.; Manns, Sarah; Burden, Heather; Pontin, David; Redshaw, Maggie; Beasant, Lucy; Rose, Claire; Johnson, Debbie; Fleming, Peter
25-Apr-2012Presenting DEViSE: data exchange for visualizing security eventsRead, Huw O.; Xynos, Konstantinos; Blyth, Andrew J.
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