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1-May-2012Radiated emissions and experimental precautions of equipment with cables in GTEM cellsAl-Daher, Zaid Muhi-Eldeen
30-Apr-2012Radio drama handbook: audio drama in context and practiceHand, Richard J.; Traynor, Mary J.
15-May-2012The record producer as nexus: creative inspiration, technology and the recording industryHowlett, Michael John Gilmour
16-Dec-2013Redefining screwball and reappropriating liminal spaces: the contemporary bromance and Todd Phillips’ The Hangover DVDHarbidge, Lesley. A
18-Jul-2011Redox regulation of vascular NO bioavailability during hypoxia : implications for oxygen transport and exercise performance .Woodside, John
16-May-2012Reliable broadband satellite-integrated network design through propagation and networking solutionsBegum, Sahena
2009The representation and management of evolving features in geospatial databasesLohfink, Alex
15-May-2012Representing Wales: experience on screen 1985-2010Geraint, John
3-Jan-2013Researching counter productive behaviours in the workplace international approaches and perspectivesSheehan, Michael
4-Jun-2013Researching workplace bullying:the benefits of taking an integratedapproachLewis, Duncan. O
3-Jan-2013A review of developments in medical termination of pregnancyLipp, Allyson J.
3-Jan-2013A review of termination of pregnancy: prevalent health care professional attitudes and ways of influencing themLipp, Allyson J.
8-Jan-2013A review of the effectiveness of neighbourhood watchBennett, Trevor. H; Holloway, Katharine. R
11-Mar-2015Rewriting the nation: a comparative study of Welsh and Scottish women's fiction from the wilderness years to post-devolutionDiana Wallace; Jane Aaron; Rosalyn Mary Marron
1996Road accident analysis in Yemen : the identification of shortcomings in road accident data, data adjustment, cost and development of road fatality modelNaji, Jamil Abdul-Rabb
7-Aug-2012Road accident analysis in Yemen: the identification of shortcomings in road accident data adjustment, cost and development of road fatality modelNaji, Jamil A.
15-May-2012The role of accounting in handling and reporting environmental effectsMakris, Petros H.
1-May-2013The role of knowledge management within learning organisations: a comparative studyMartins, Ana M.; Martins, M. Isabel D.
17-Aug-2011The role of playful practice for learning in the early yearsMcInnes, Karen Elizabeth
4-Jun-2013The roles of festivals and special events in rural areas: the Welsh ExperienceO'Sullivan, Diane; Pickernell, David G.
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