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2009Salivary testosterone and cortisol measurements in profesional elite rugby union playersMorgan, Kevin Andrew
2-May-2012Screening Wales: portrayal, representation and identity: a case studyBlandford, Steven; Lacey, Stephen
2014A sense of dignity in later life: a qualitative study on the views of older women migrants from minoritised backgroundsSaltus, Roiyah; Pithara, Christalla
2009Separation of educational and technical content in educational hypermediaHilmer, Gunter
3-Jan-2013Service provision for women undergoing termination of pregnancy: progress in Wales, UKLipp, Allyson J.
11-Dec-2013Seventy Years of Czech Surrealist PhotographyWalker, Ian
16-Dec-2013SightlinesSear, Helen
16-Dec-2013“The Silent Village: Humphrey Jennings, Peter Finnemore, Rachel Trezise, Paolo Ventura”Roberts, Russell
6-Nov-2013Slave Wales: the Welsh and Atlantic slavery 1660-1850Evans, Christopher
16-May-2012Software component testing : a standard and the effectiveness of techniquesReid, Stuart Christopher
20-May-2015Spiritual shortfall?McSherry, W; Ross, L
27-Jul-2016Sport psychology support to an athlete undergoing treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderShearer, David; Mellalieu, Stephen; Shearer, Catherine
22-Mar-2013Sporting Challenge in the ValleysGriffiths, Robert
30-May-2012Stabilisation of sulphide rich soil: problems and solutionsThomas, Bari Ian
23-Oct-2013The stained glass closet: celibacy and homosexuality in the Church of England to 1955Jones, Timothy W.
21-Dec-2012Starving strikers and the limits of the “humanitarian discovery of hunger” in late Victorian BritainCroll, Andy J.
16-Dec-2013The Steelman StoriesMorris, Chris
27-Apr-2016Still quite popular after all those years — the continued relevance of the information retrieval thesaurusTudhope, Douglas S.; Binding, Ceri
2015The Strategic Impact of Information Technology Deployment, Part IWhite, Gareth R.T.; Jones, Paul; Beynon-Davies, Paul
2015The Strategic Impact of Information Technology Deployment, Part IIWhite, Gareth R.T.; Jones, Paul; Beynon-Davies, Paul
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