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Apr-2009A UK case study - technology enhances educational experiences in the University of Glamorgan.Chew, Esyin; Jones, Norah; Blackey, Haydn
2006UK Large-scale Wind Power Programme from 1970 to 1990: the Carmarthen Bay experiments and the Musgrove Vertical-Axis TurbinesPrice, Trevor J.
1-Jun-2011(Un)real (un)realities : exploring the confusion of reality and unreality through cinemaDiaz Gandasegui, Vicente
23-Oct-2013Uncovering workplace bullyingLewis, Duncan. O; Sheehan, Michael
30-Apr-2012Undead radio: zombies and the living dead on 1930s to 1940s US radioHand, Richard J.
16-May-2012Understanding and preventing construction conflict, claims and disputes: a critical in-depth study into their causes and recommendations to control in the United Arab EmiratesTaher, Nadhem Asaad bin Asaad
2011Understanding key account managementWoodburn, Diana
2-May-2012A unified approach to network traffic and network security visualisationRead, Huw O.; Blyth, Andrew J.; Sutherland, Iain
23-Oct-2013Unlocking the Potential to Influence Government Skills Policy: A Case Study of the UK Construction IndustryMorgan, Arthur
3-Jan-2013Unrespectable Radicals? Popular Politics in the Age of ReformEvans, Christopher
16-Dec-2013Urban Population Distribution Models and Service Accessibility EstimationLangford, Mitchel; Higgs, Gary
6-Nov-2013The US Military in Hawai'i: Colonialism, Memory and ResistanceIreland, Brian
20-Apr-2012The use of the Welsh language on Facebook: an intial invesigationCunliffe, Daniel J.
16-May-2012The usefulness of annual reports of Islamic institutions in GCC countries to investors: the case of KuwaitAl-Hajji, Abdullah Yousef
2008Using artificial neural networks to forecast changes in national and regional price indices for the UK residential property marketParis, Stuart David
8-Nov-2011Using flowcharts, code and animation for improved comprehension and ability in novice programmingScott, Andrew Simon
15-May-2012Using personal and academic development to reconcile research with learning and teaching in a model for scholarship in higher educationSweet, John
12-May-2014Values, diversity and the justification of EU institutionsCalder, Gideon
21-Dec-2012Violent street crime: making sense of seemingly senseless actsBennett, Trevor H.; Brookman, Fiona J.
6-Nov-2013The Water TableGross, Philip. J
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