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6-Nov-2013The Water TableGross, Philip. J
5-Nov-2013A Way of life, British cinema and new British identities.Blandford, Steven
22-Jul-2016Wearing American Football helmets increases cervicocephalic kinaesthetic awareness in “elite” American Football players but not controlsMcCarthy, Peter W; Hume, Phillip J; Heusch, Andrew I; Lark, Sally D
16-May-2012Weather corrected electricity demand forecastingAl-Madfai, Hasan
25-Apr-2012Welsh-language provision on party web sites during the 2007 Welsh Assembly electionCunliffe, Daniel J.
23-Apr-2012Welsh-language provision on party web sites during the 2010 UK General ElectionCunliffe, Daniel J.
15-May-2012Wenglish, the dialect of the south Wales valleys, as a medium for narrative and performanceLewis, Robert Michael
21-Dec-2012When worlds collide: developing game design partnerships in universitiesTunstall, Richard
Jan-2014Who chooses to be a nurse and why? A narrative studyGenders, N; Brown, B
11-Dec-2013William Fox TalbotRoberts, Russell
2009The wind-catcher : a traditional solution for a modern problemKhatami, Narguess
13-Jul-2012A woman centred service in termination of pregnancy: a grounded theory studyLipp, Allyson J.
6-Nov-2013Women's Writing and Muslim Societies, 1920-the present: The Search for DialogueGemie, Sharif
2010Work of breathing in exercise and diseasePowell, Tom
2-May-2012Xbox 360: a digital forensic investigation of the hard disk driveXynos, Konstantinos; Sutherland, Iain; Blyth, Andrew J.
15-Jun-2016Y capel Cymraeg, cymdogaeth a pherfformiadWilliams, Rhiannon Mair
3-Jan-2013Youth research and policy and the European level – developments at the University of GlamorganWilliamson, Howard J.


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