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???metadata.dc.title???: Linkages between research, scholarship and teaching in universities in China
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Neale, Richard
???metadata.dc.subject???: China
???metadata.dc.date.issued???: Jan-2009
???metadata.dc.publisher???: University of Glamorgan
???metadata.dc.identifier.citation???: Neale, R. (2009) 'Linkages between research, scholarship and teaching in universities in China.' Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, 1(1), pp: 73-81.
???metadata.dc.description.abstract???: Linkages between research, scholarship and teaching are a topic of contemporary interest in UK universities, driven by pressures such as traditional views of the nature and purpose of universities, reputation, student expectations of their teachers, educational enhancement through up-to-date research and scholarly input, and personal ambitions and satisfaction. The paper describes a study of these linkages at the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) during 2006 within the Sino-UK Higher Education Leadership Development Programme, which allows for senior academics from China and the UK to study a particular management issue to identify good practice which they can apply in their institution. The activities included a preliminary workshop in the UK, a two-week visit to BIT and a workshop in Beijing. My study was conducted through a semi-structured interview programme with a wide range of academics and administrators. It was enlightening to find that a leading Chinese university, which operates within quite different systems and cultures from the UK, nevertheless has similar issues, imperatives and problems. My overall conclusion is that there is international agreement that research and scholarly performance underpins the credibility of academic staff to teach at a university, which in turn attracts good students and research staff.
???metadata.dc.identifier.uri???: http://hdl.handle.net/10265/306
???metadata.dc.identifier.issn???: 1758-1184
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