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???metadata.dc.title???: Presenting DEViSE: data exchange for visualizing security events
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Read, Huw O.
Xynos, Konstantinos
Blyth, Andrew J.
???metadata.dc.date.issued???: 25-Apr-2012
???metadata.dc.identifier.citation???: Read H., Xynos K., Blyth A., (2009) 'Presenting DEViSE: data exchange for visualizing security events', IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 29(3), pp. 6-11.
???metadata.dc.description.abstract???: The Data Exchange for Visualizing Security Events (DEViSE) is an open-source architecture designed to enable data sharing between security visualization tools. The security visualization market currently lacks interoperability between different applications, which tend to be constrained to certain log formats. DEViSE is a middleware layer that manages these interactions so one visualization tool can transfer security-related information to another application. DEViSE uses XML for all communication purposes. This allows a much greater level of freedom for application integration. To demonstrate DEViSE, the authors have created several security visualization tools that adhere to different visualization paradigms.
???metadata.dc.identifier.uri???: http://hdl.handle.net/10265/478
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